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2008-03-18 16:53:36 by Chomper22

I've been apart of the NG community for a while now. I give pretty fair judgment towards flash movies or games that are submitted. i like what i like, and i dislike what i dont. at least im honest lol.

I've never submitted a THING to NG yet.... except the constructive critisizm we all love to shed on other peoples work. I know... pretty sad. but! i am exercising my flash skills atm, and because i feel like a perfectionist, i choose to not submit anything until i master a decent level of flash like my idols also apart of the NG society.. (i.e.AdamPhillips,AlvinEarthworm, or Egoraptor to name a few).

love NewGrounds. Devoted from day one.. (or 10.. or something like that) don't ever think i'll STOP enjoying everyones work. fresh new ideas suspensful, scary, cool, AWSOME or just flat out helarious... NG is my home. =)